Royse's History

It was Labor Day 1971 when Bud and Donna Royse came to Butte from Corvallis, Oregon. Bud quit his driver salesman job with Gamble-Robinson he had held for 14 years. They sold their house, camper, insurance policy, and took the kids' savings - everything they had and came to Butte. With their four children, Judy, Nancy, Doug and Dan they started a new, exciting chapter in their lives.

The Arctic Circle should have been almost ready when they arrived, but they found out when they drove to the location the only part of the building that was finished was the foundation! This was all due to a famous Butte strike of the Carpenters Union. So the family anxiously waited for the building to be finished so they could open their new restaurant. Well, finally on November 5, 1971 the Arctic Circle opened in Butte. Bud and Donna worked tirelessly seven days a week. They were open from 11 to 11 with midnight closing on Friday and Saturday. But the time spent at the restaurant went far beyond those hours. There was prep work, ordering supplies, schedules, and of course cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! The Arctic Circle has a famous reputation for its cleanliness. Something Bud and Donna knew was very important in this business. This quality has been instilled in their children, two of whom help run the restaurant today, Nancy and Dan.